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Black leggings

Our Black Leggings are more than just black leggings. We have black leggings with texture, with the logo on, with a discreet pattern and much more. Choose the black legging that you like most and that makes you feel Badass.

Legging Leopard

65.89 EUR 52.71 EUR

Leggings Bubble

71.39 EUR 57.11 EUR

Leggings Sparta

65.89 EUR 52.71 EUR

Leggings Lava

65.89 EUR 52.71 EUR

Do you prefer to train in black leggings?

Black leggings are many people's favorite, but there are many variations of these favorites. Our black bubble leggings have a high waist and a lovely texture that emphasizes the butt. The black Sparta tights are super soft and many people's favorites. What kind of black leggings do you like?